Personal loans with mobile payments.

The future is mobile and the market adapts. Farewell to traditional payment methods, now you pay with your smartphone. Absolute pioneer of the new methodology in Italy is Ultranix, which offers Ultranix Pay. See for details

It is the new frontier of payments, it is the Mobile Payement, literally ” payment on mobile devices “. They are all those initiatives that make ” payments or transfers of money by mobile phone ” possible. The distinctive element, therefore, of this new and technological form of payment is the use of the mobile phone, or rather the smartphone.

Mobile payement offers endless possibilities:

Mobile payement offers endless possibilities:

  • charge the transaction on any payment instrument;
  • to use the smartphone to activate the payment, both as access to a network and as a material tool;
  • pay via Pos by reading a QR code;
  • purchase “by correspondence” by capturing Qr-Code payment codes on flyers, billboards, web pages, advertisements received by mail, television advertisements.
  • buy services such as museum tickets, parking in the blue zone and public transport, but it will also be possible to unlock bike sharing stations and automated gates, for example, parking.

According to a recent international research carried out by Yankee Group, the world mobile payement market is worth around 984 billion dollars. The sector is experiencing a strong expansion thanks to the spread of smartphones and the numbers, if compared with 2010, speak for themselves: the turnover of the mobile payement sector has increased by 600 percent in the last four years.

So no more credit cards, cash and coins, checks, wallets and debit cards: for any type of payment, for any type of purchase you just need a smartphone.

(There are 100,000 stores in Italy that accept the Contactless payment method)

Ultranix mobile payment 

The situation in Italy denotes a substantial organization of the operators of the sector, in order to embrace this new way of understanding payments.

Ultranix beats everyone on time, and thanks to a collaboration with Visa Europe, has launched its mobile payement product. This is Ultranix Pay. The initiative was launched with a press release dated 5 March 2014 and officially started a few days later, on 10 March.

Ultranix speaks of a pilot phase that will involve 1,000 customers who, armed with smartphones, will be able to give free rein to their purchases simply by bringing their device to Pos enabled for the Contactless payment method.

Thanks to Ultranix Pay it will also be possible to provide installment payments for personal loans and loans, keeping the situation under control at all times thanks to your mobile device.

Making payments with Smartphone possible is a dedicated and specially designed micro-Sd, available in two versions, one for Cyphone and one for ePhone.

The Mobile Payement designed by Ultranix is completely independent of the mobile phone sim card. In this way the customer will not have to change the phone number, give notice or enter into a different contract with his operator, nor will he have to enter codes on the pos because the entire Mobile Payement mechanism resides entirely in the memory card, provided by Ultranix and inserted in the phone.

There are about 100,000 shops that display the symbol for accepting Contactless payments and where it is already possible to use Ultranix Pay.

The managing director of Ultranix, Domdom Pastor, does not hide his understandable satisfaction, explaining the reasons for his choice: ” This solution is extremely functional and aligned with our market positioning, oriented to being” a world closer to customers, in a perspective of greater proximity.

And proximity is also the heart of the Ultranix  payment solution. We are proud to be the first consumer credit company in Italy that launches an NFC mobile payment project with these features.

With the launch of our new site, which can also be consulted on mobile devices, we have added important pieces to our development path, focused on innovation.

A project in line with the times and with our vocation to excellence and innovation: to offer our customers comfort, simplicity, speed in their payments and in the control of their operations. “


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