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When choosing a cash loan, we should be guided by the future consequences of incurring debt, i.e. the obvious but often overlooked aspect of repayment. When the bank makes funds available to us, we do not wonder how exactly the loan period will be. This is obviously a mistake and before signing the loan agreement we must read carefully the conditions set by the bank.

As well as all costs that will significantly affect our budget in the future

money cash

In order to protect yourself against many months of unpleasantness associated with a very expensive para-bank loan, it is worth analyzing the services of banks that offer much more favorable products, and the process of obtaining a loan is not burdensome and is very similar to the so-called “Lendrosa Personal Loan.”

The advantage of a contract with a bank is the security that gives us cooperation with an institution that is monitored by the relevant authorities and its activities are governed by the Banking Law. In this respect, choosing services that provide us with the opportunity to trust the lender is extremely valuable.

To facilitate the long-term process of analyzing the cheapest cash loans, we have prepared a comparison of four services that guarantee not only good conditions for taking out a loan but also its repayment.

Currently, the most advantageous cash loan

money cash

Is the Max Ratka Mini Loan from the PKO Bank Polski offer. The bank has been operating on the Polish market since 1919 and enjoys great consumer confidence. Max Loan Mini Ratka is a loan with an interest rate of 9.0% and is free of commission fees for providing the service.

In addition, PKO BP allows 96 monthly installments, and the highest amount we can get with this product is PLN 150,000. The bank does not provide for any additional costs in the event of early repayment of the loan, and does not require any additional insurance.

Another cash loan that is worth considering

Another cash loan that is worth considering

When planning a debt is a cash loan at BNP Paribas Bank. Its interest rate is only 8.0%, however, unlike Mini Ratki has a 3.0% commission, which significantly increases the cost of the service. The bank guarantees the stability of monthly installments and offers a 7-year loan period and the highest liability up to PLN 150,000. BNP Paribas, wanting to make its offer more attractive to internal customers who have a Well-Selected Account and who decide to take out a loan with insurance, provides a cash loan with a reduced interest rate and commission.

The third offer is a cash loan for you at Getin Bank. This loan bears an interest rate of 9.0% with no additional commission costs. Getin Bank offers a maximum debt of 150,000, as do the bank offers described above. The longest loan term is 7 years. The bank provides free insurance against job loss and a quick decision on the granting of a loan, the whole process takes no more than 1 day.

The last loan we would like to present to you is a cash loan at Bank BPH

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This is a loan with an interest rate of 10.0% but without exposing us to commission costs. The minimum amount we can apply for is PLN 1,000, while the highest is normally PLN 150,000. BPH, like Getin Bank, provides a very quick loan decision, as well as the possibility of reducing monthly installments if the borrower has a bank account and his account is credited with at least PLN 1,000 a month. In addition, the consumer has the opportunity to withdraw from it without any consequences for 21 days after signing the contract.

Analyzing individual offers, we will easily notice that many of them have numerous common features, which are the standard of modern cash loans. Despite a number of similar conditions, some of them significantly distinguish individual services. Each of the above-mentioned loans is attractive in its own way and depending on our needs and predispositions we will be able to choose the one that will not only be a salvation if we need extra cash badly, but also a cheap service that will not be too heavy a burden within months or years of repayment.


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